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The 'Dinky,' a narrow gauge locomotive, was
discovered in May 1996 after 82 years at the
bottom of Butt Lake. It was used during the
1910-1914 construction of the Almanor and
Butt Lake Dams. An H. K. Porter Engine, it is
thought to be the 'Eureka' originally built
for the Nevada Mill company in 1887.
The Dinkys were stout little earthmovers
and haulers at the turn of the century
but when work on the dams was completed,
this one was left to its watery grave
when Butt Lake was partially drained in 1996
for repairs to the dam, the Dinky was found
in the silt and was meticulously restored.

Dedicated February 6, 6004 (1999) by
Las Plumas del Oro chapter 8
Vigilantes Outpost No. 1911 of the
Ancient and Honorable order of E. Olampus Vitus

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