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Plumas County is named after the Feather River which flows through the county, plumas being the Spanish word for feather. It includes 2,613 square miles of forested, mostly mountainous terrain in the northeastern area of California. Portions of Lassen Volcanic National Park are found here, and also Lake Almanor and the Feather River Gorge, along with many other recreational and scenic areas.

Plumas County was created in 1854 and the county seat is at Quincy. The population in 2,000 was 20,824. Numerous state highways service the county. State Highway 70 travels through the Feather River Gorge, beginning at U.S. Highway 395 and heading westward into the Sacramento Valley. State Highway 36 travels east-west through the northern part of the county. California Highway 89 goes from the northwest corner of the county diagonally to the southeast.

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