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Shrimping is a form of trawling but somewhat
different. The shrimp trawl net has a much
smaller mesh and is pulled through the water
about 18 inches above the ocean floor. Pacific
pink shrimp are caught this way. Many shrimp
boats are "double rigged" to pull two shrimp
nets. The large outrigger poles are dropped, and
the nets are towed from them on either side of
the boat. When in port, a shrimper will often
hang the net from the boat's rigging to dry. You
may also see a table or a conveyor belt in the
middle of the deck where the shrimp are sorted
after the net is emptied.

The West Coast shrimp season lasts from April
through October and is regulated by the state.
The product is peeled and cooked by the
processor. Pacific pink shrimp is used in salads,
chowders, sandwiches, pizza and other entrees.

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