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Along the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean, Crescent City sits on a stretch of forested flatland, near where Point St. George juts into the ocean. A few miles to the east the coastal mountains abruptly begin their steep climb to 5000 foot peaks. Several miles north of Crescent City the Smith River emerges from its steep-walled canyon and flows into the ocean. Further north and south the coastal mountains close in on this isolated lowland, dropping straight into the ocean.

Dripping in 75 inches of rain annually, the Pacific Mountains are blanketed in thick forests, undergrowth and moss. Mists rise from the ocean daily, moistening the forests even on clear days. The Redwood National and State Parks, harboring the world's tallest trees, are perched on the mountain slopes east and south of Crescent City. In the shadows below the giant redwoods, a variety of plant and animal life abounds.

Jedediah Smith explored this country in 1828 and the city was founded in 1854, deriving its name from the crescent shaped beach to the south. U.S. Highway 101 follows the coast both directions from Crescent City, and U. S. Highway 199 climbs the Smith River Canyon, leading to Grants Pass, Oregon. As of the year 2000, the population of Crescent City is 4,006.

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