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John & Dennis Searles' Wagon Routes

This monument commemorates two wagon routes
used by the Searles brothers to haul Borax from
their plant on Borax Lake (now Searles Lake) to
the railhead at Mojave. The southern route traveled
west of the Trona Pinnacles to Searles' freight
station at Garden City. This is the present route
of the Trona Rialway which connects with the Union
Pacific at Searles Station. Garden City was a virtual
oaisis, providing food and shelter for the teamsters
and a barn accomodating 100 mules. The western
route went through Salt Wells Canyon (Poison
Canyon) to a dry station one mile from the head
of the canyon and on to Garden City where both
routes joined. It then continued through Garlock
and connected with the road to Mojave.

Plaque placed by Billy Holcomb Chapter
The Ancient and Honorable Order of
E Clampus Vitus in cooperation with the
Searles Valley Historical Society May 7, 2000

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