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Baker is a popular stop on Interstate 15 in the deserts of southern California. An exit on each end of town dumps a steady flow of traffic off the freeway for a stop at the many gas stations and fast food stops along the old highway 91 paralleling the freeway.

The desert surrounding Baker sports a sparse covering of creosote bushes growing in a gravelly soil. To the south of Baker is the hardpan of Soda Lake, a hard, flat sheet of baked mud and alkali. The mountains to the east and west from a distance appear to be devoid of vegetation but are colored by reddish tinted rocks.

The Mojave National Preserve lies just to the southeast of Baker, a unit of the National Park System which preserves a large area of the Mojave Desert. Death Valley National Park is also some 25 miles to the north of Baker. State Highway 127 begins at Baker and heads north to the Nevada border. Kelbaker road crosses the Mojave Preserve heading southeast from Baker.

The population of Baker is 914 (as of 2000). The elevation is 930 feet.

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See Wikipedia's Baker article, or the site by the Baker Chamber of Commerce.

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