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Goffs Schoolhouse


The first school in Goffs opened its doors for the fall
term in 1911 serving the needs of cattle ranches, mining
districts, homesteaders, the railroad, and, most of all,
the people supporting expanding travel on the National
Old Trails Road - later U.S. Highway 66. A new school,
featuring a distinctive mission style, was designed by
Architect A. Beimer in 1914 and constructed by Tom
Waer on land donated by H. P. Ware.

The new school house was a source of pride for the
community. It served their needs for a community center
as well as a school until the spring of 1937 after U.S.
Highway 66 was realigned and other factors had
diminished the population. It reverted to private ownership
in 1938 and became a private residence until 1954.
During World War II it was in the midst of a large desert
training center army camp- their being more than 10,000
soldiers here at some times. From 1954 to 1982 the building
was abandoned. In 1982 Jim and Bertha Wold acquired the
property and started restoration. In 1990 further restoration
by the friends of the Mojave Road begain

Placed by the Billy Holcomb Chapter of the ancient and
honorable order of E. Clampus Vitus and the friends of
the Mojave Road.

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