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Granite Divisional Camp

Camp Granite
Desert Training Center
California - Arizona Maneuver Area
Tough Ombres 90th infantry div.

Camp Granite was established at this site in the spring of 1942. It was
one of twelve such camsp built in the southwestern deserts to harden
and train United States troops for service on the battlefields of World War II.
The Desert Training Center was a simulated theater of opera-
tions that included potions of California, Arizona, and Nevada. The other camps
were Young, Coxcomb, Iron Mountain, Ibis, Clipper, Pilot Knobm Lagunam, Horn,
Hyder, Bouse and Rice.

A total of 13 infantry divisions and 7 armored divisions plus numerous
smaller units were trained in this harsh environment. The training
center was in operation for almost 2 years and was closed early in
1944 when the last units were shipped overseas during the brief per-
iod of operation over one million American soldiers were trained for

This monument is dedicated to all the soldiers that served here,
and especially for those who gave their lives in battle, ending the
holocaust and defeating the armed forces of Nazi Germany, Fascist
Italy and Imperial Japan.

Plaque placed by the Billy Holcomb Capter of
the Ancient & Honorable Order of E Clampus
Vitus, and the Souther California Chapter
of the Military Vehicle Collector's Club, the
Society of Vituscan Missionaries, in Co-operation
with the Bureau of Land Management, Needles
Resource Area

March 19, 1989

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