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Bridgeport is situated at 6468 feet above sea level in Bridgeport Valley. The peaks and eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevadas rise along the western side of the valley, and the deserts of Nevada stretch to the east. The valley floor is covered with grassland and the hills with sagebrush. The peaks of the Sierras are forested and snow-capped well into summer. Numerous creeks flow out of the Sierras and flow into Bridgeport Reservoir, just north of Bridgeport.

Bridgeport became the county seat of Mono County in September of 1836, when it was discovered that the current county seat, Aurora, was actually in Nevada. The Victorian style county courthouse was built in 1881, reminiscent of the town's original New England flavor.

U. S. Highway 395, which follows the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevadas, passes through Bridgeport. Heading south it comes to Lee Vining, and to the north, the town of Walker. California Highway 182 leaves northward from Bridgeport and crosses into Nevada. Several roads lead into the mountains for recreation such as camping, hiking, boating and fishing.

Bridgeport has a population of about 500. It lies at 6,468 feet in elevation in the flat grassland of the valley floor.

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See the website of the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce and Wikipedia's Bridgeport article.

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