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Bear Valley

Headquarters of Col. John C. Fremont, world-famous
American, who, in 1847, purchased a floating Mexican
grant of 44,000 acres for $3000. After gold was
discovered, he floated his grant to include the mother-
lode gold belt from Mariposa to Merced River. After
costly litigation, his title was confirmed by supreme
court in 1859.

He worked his rich placers by grubstaking experienced
Mexican miners before the influx of Americans and
subsequently he opened up rich quartz mines. In 1851
he built a two story hotel and later a large store
and his home, called "the white house." Horace Greeley
visited here in 1859 and wrote "the colonel is now
operating two stamp mills and netting $100,000 a year."

In 1863, he sold his grand for $6,000.000.

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