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Los Angeles County is the most populated county in the United States, with 9,802,800 residents, as of the year 2001. Los Angeles and the main cities of its metropolitan area lie within the county, in the coastal plains. The San Gabriel Mountains rise to the north of Los Angeles, reaching to 5,500 feet and above. Antelope Valley lies north of the mountains, a large and very flat basin lying at 2,500 feet in elevation. In contrast to the Los Angeles area, Antelope Valley, with the exception of Palmdale and Lancaster, is sparsely populated. Being very arid, it is called the "High Desert." Covering 4,061 square miles, (twice the area of Delaware), the county includes a great diversity of scenery. The Pacific Ocean borders it on the southwest.

Los Angeles County was created in 1850 as one of the original California Counties. Portions of the original county were later divided off into San Bernardino County, Kern County and Orange County. The mild coastal climate attracted the enormous influx residents early in the 1900's, and today the established industries, providing employment, along with the wide selection of resources, including recreation, transportation and business, help to retain the large population.

The UntraveledRoad tour features significant portions of Antelope Valley and sections of road into the San Gabriel Mountains.

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