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Palo Verde sits next to the Colorado River, at the southwest edge of the Palo Verde Valley. The valley stretches for miles to the north, checkered with farms and crisscrossed with irrigation canals fed by the river. The town is built on either side of an oxbow lake, an abandoned river channel. A short distance to the west, the flat farmland ends and gravelly hills rise toward barren rocky mountains. Creosote, ocotillo, cholla cactus and other desert plants grow in the hills.

Palo Verde is home to 236 people (as of the year 2000). The elevation is just 233 feet. California Highway 78 passes through the town. To the north it leads to Ripley and Blythe, to the south it leads to the Imperial Valley. Palo Verde is located in the very northeast corner of Imperial County. The Riverside County line passes by immediately to the north of town. The Colorado River forms the boundary between California and Arizona.

The name Palo Verde is Spanish for green stick, and is the name of a kind of desert tree common to the area. The zip code for the post office in Palo Verde is 92266.

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