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Redwood Country Wildlife

Wildlife in the redwood region is abundant,
but not always visible. The immense height of
the redwood trees towering overhead, dwarf
creatures foraging or nesting high in the forest
canopy. Even an osprey can look tiny. in the
understory, many small creatures lead hidden
lives. Larger mammals enter the redwood forest,
but more frequently range along forest edges
and open prairies.

Redwood country is really a collection of many
different wildlife habitats; brushy edges, grassy
prairies, areas of new forest growth, streamside,
and coastal strand. The best strategy for seeing
wildlife -- travel quietly, look carefully.

Prairies and woodlands are
favorite habitats for large
mammals like Roosevelt elk.

The banana slug is found in moist
places including redwood bark.

The rough-skinned newt is one of 15
species of salamanders found here.

Marbled murrelets are sea birds that
nest in the old-growth trees.

Spotted owls nest in old-growth
trees, preying on small mammals.

Rarely seen is the secretive, wide-
ranging mountain lion.

Black bears are found throughout
the park.

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