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Crescent City Harbor

Crescent City Harbor has been an important port for almost
150 years. The lumber industry shipped much of the redwood,
spruce, and fir cut in nearby forests by schooner to ports along
the West Coast. Fishing, another important industry, has
provided a livelihood for many since the late 1800s. But
dangerous shoals near Crescent City have also claimed their
toll, taking schooners, steamers, and trawlers to the bottom.

The construction of the St. George Reef and the Crescent
City lighthouses have helped navigators avoid disasters
like the 1865 wreck of the Brother Jonathan.

Lumber schooners carried harvested wood
from Crescent City to many West Coast Ports.

Hidden reefs off Point St. George claimed
many ships including the Queen Christina.

Crescent City Lighthouse (now Battery
Point Lighthouse) was constructed in 1856.

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